Water for the Weather

With our continued growth here in the desert southwest water and water conservation will become more and more important in the future. There are many new technologies coming into play, one of the biggest in the sprinkler irrigation industry is the smart residential control timer. One of the benefits of the smart controller is that it will adjust your watering frequency and or runtime minutes depending on current weather conditions. This saves water and money. It promotes a healthier landscape by accurately watering the right amount to what the plants require thus reducing overwatering or under watering which either case can stress your plants. It frees up you the homeowners time, no longer bothered with going out every month tinkering or remembering to seasonally adjust your controller, it’s all done automatically because it’s smart.

I’ve been installing the Skydrop and the Rainbird ESP with the Wi-Fi link module which converts it to a smart controller. Either one of these controllers is of high quality and the app very user-friendly on any mobile device. With a simple site visit, I can install the smart controller of your choice and set it up on your smartphone. You will be ready to go.

For more information please go to www.sdutah.com