Check your sprinkler systems temperature!

Adjusting Lawn Sprinkler by Professional Garden Irrigation Technician.

You go to the doctor once a year for a annual check up, the doctor checks your temperature and other vitals.

It’s a good idea to check your sprinkler irrigation systems temperature at least two times or more per year. First check your controller to see if it’s holding current time of day. Second run through each station do a visual walk around making sure sprinkler heads are spraying correctly, in the right direction etc. this includes your drip irrigation zones first making sure they are turning on. Where it’s subsurface underground it takes an extra little bit extra attention to make sure it’s turning on whereas overhead sprinkler spray on the grass you can instantly see if it’s on. Lift your control valve box lids to visually inspect your valve manifold’s, to see if there is any water leaks.

At this point you will know if any service and repair is needed. Lastly readjust your control timer for the seasonal temperature changes. For more information on water management go to the “water schedule” page.