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No job too small.

And that’s a fact!  Many service providers with crews of numerous workers target larger jobs to keep their people most busy. In many cases it will cost them money to go do a small repair. I like to service the small jobs our community needs a sprinkler repair  provider that will fix a sprinkler head, […]

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Like flipping a switch it all came at once!

I’ve been in St. George since 1998 and this is by far the latest we have gone before turning our sprinkler irrigation systems on. We’ve had massive amounts of rain and cooler temperatures this late winter early spring. The mountains have large accumulations of snow pack. The normal average start up time is February 15th. […]

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Water long less frequent…

Early spring is the perfect time to implement a correct watering schedule then modifying it slightly each month going forward through the entire year. (go to water schedule page for more details) The spring time when plants and trees coming out of hibernation benefit from in-frequent yet long deep watering on a particular water day. […]

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