Like flipping a switch it all came at once!

I’ve been in St. George since 1998 and this is by far the latest we have gone before turning our sprinkler irrigation systems on. We’ve had massive amounts of rain and cooler temperatures this late winter early spring. The mountains have large accumulations of snow pack. The normal average start up time is February 15th. My own yards system I started this last weekend, April 6th.

Beginning around mid February people are normally proactive with the temperatures beginning to warm and they call for sprinkler system check ups tuneups repairs etc. Because of the unusual wet and cool weather everybody stayed in hibernation until now and it’s like a light switch has been turned on and everyone is calling at once. Reminder because of all the moisture we have had much is still in the ground and normal more frequent watering can still be a little less frequent right now, so if you’re looking for a system check or repair please be patient but call so we can put you on the list.