Recommended Monthly Water Schedule


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I have been working on, and modifying this water schedule over the last 15 years. Experimenting on my own yard and implementing these results on countless customers who's yards I service.

This is a base water schedule intended for well established turf-grass. Newly planted landscapes of less than one year will require more frequent watering. Watering interval will vary dependent upon micro-climates around the yard. Southern exposures, slopes, and berms may need water more frequent while northern exposures and shaded areas water less frequent. The water schedule is calculated using historical weather averages. Hotter or cooler than average weather conditions can impact the monthly water intervals. Sprinkler head type, nozzle size, spacing, and water pressure will affect the run time minutes.

A clear multi-program control timer will enable more scheduling flexibility. Drip irrigation may use a separate wider water interval than turf-grass. following this water schedule will promote a strong healthy landscape & save water on average by 20%-40% over short frequent watering.

Caution: Do not implement during the hot season.
December and January little to no water at all required.
Month Watering Interval Time of Day
December: Minimum       water once every 30 days daytime
January: Minimum       water once every 30 days daytime
February: Minimum       water every 20 days daytime
March: Maximum       water every 10-7 days nighttime
April: Maximum       water every 7-5 days nighttime
May: Medium       water every 5-3 days nighttime
June: Medium       water every 1-3 days nighttime
July: Medium       water every 1-3 days nighttime
August: Medium       water every 1-3 days nighttime
September: Medium       water every 3-5 days nighttime
October: Medium       water every 5-7 days nighttime
November: Medium       water every 7-12 days daytime

Run Time


8-12 Minutes spray heads
20-40 Minutes rotor and impact heads
(Use one start time period)


12-30 Minutes spray heads
40-60 Minutes rotor and impact heads
(Divide into 2 start time periods 1-2 hrs. apart)


30-60 Minutes spray heads
60-120 Minutes rotor or impact heads
(Divide into 3 start time periods 1-2 hrs. apart)

For Efficient Water Management Service, please call: Doug Brown The SPRINKLER DOCTOR at (435) 619.0055