Sprinkler irrigation system springtime check-up tuneup adjustments and repair.

In the early springtime after the winter thaw landscape sprinkler systems need some attention. First is to run through the complete system and evaluate any noticeable sprinkler line leaks. Second make sure all of the sprinkler heads are popping up correctly. Many times over the winter debris  and even the turf itself can grow over the top of a sprinkler head causing it not to pop up through the turf. Notice if there is a valve zone not turning on or shutting off. Sprinkler controllers need to be checked to make sure they’re on the correct time of day and reprogramed for the early Springtime. Once this is done go about making any repairs as needed checking for clogged or in adequate spray coming from the nozzle tips. Some sprinkler heads may need to be straightened and the nozzle stem realigned making sure the spray pattern is directed exactly where it should be.

Sometimes with the mature overgrowth of plants or trees minor remodeling of a section may be required. The spring time is a good time to do this before it gets hot.

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