Avoid freeze up !!

The cold wintertime temperatures are just around the corner so remember to winterize your sprinkler system to avoid freeze damage and repair. Here in Saint George, Washington county The most vulnerable sprinkler system component for wintertime damage is the above ground backflow preventer (PVB and DCA). These are most commonly covered with a insulative blanket with a plastic valve box enclosure that looks like a boulder to protect them from the cold. If this is your situation make sure to cover the air gap at the bottom usually with some small gravel to prevent cold air from getting up inside. You may have a shut off valve up stream from your backflow device if so turn it off and open the small pet cocks on the backflow so as to drain out the water in it. During the installation of your sprinkler system unfortunately many were not designed with a upstream under ground ball valve, if that is your situation you want to make sure your backflow is insulated well and covered correctly sealing the air gaps underneath also leave the large ball valves always in the open position. Turning these off only increases the chance of that ball valve itself splitting because it traps a chamber of water inside the ball socket.

Air flashing the sprinkler system is the best option of all if your system is set up to easily have that done. It’s very common up in northern Utah where the temperatures absolutely are going to be well below freezing but down here in St. George there again it’s the backflow devices them self that are most vulnerable. I have a way of air flushing The backflow device itself out with a compressed air tank. It is a little tricky to do so without the upstream isolation valve but I can still do it.

Make sure all of your other underground valve manifold’s have the plastic valve box lid security fastened on tight.
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