TP link Wi-Fi booster

I have found on some of the Sky Drop Smart sprinkler control timer installations that it’s beneficial to install a TP-Link Wi-Fi booster. This will enable your control timer a good connection to your Wi-Fi router signal. On some properties where the Internet modem is on one side of the house and the Smart control timer on the other side of the house the wi-Fi signal sometimes can be very low. Or when the timer is on the outside of the house in a outdoor mount enclosure. A strong wi-Fi signal will enable the timer to receive WeatherStation information from the cloud properly.

The TP link Wi-Fi booster simply plugs into any 110 V outlet. It’s about the size of a simple night light. I recommend connecting it to an outlet that runs in line between your modem and the Sky Drop timer. I like to Install in-line about 3/4 The distance to the timer.

I use a simple app on my phone to connect the Wi-Fi booster to your signal.

The cost of the TP link Wi-Fi booster is $40. It also helps boost your Wi-Fi signal all around your house and property. The booster is not necessary on all installations, only when the separation between the modem and the timer is a longer distance.

In addition to after having your Smart controller installed, when I come to your property to do any sprinkler repair, system monitoring, or seasonal irrigation management, I can bring your Sky Drop timer up on my dashboard remotely from on site or on my desktop computer at home to help you make any fine-tuning adjustments if needed. It’s not necessary for me to have physical access to your timer to operate or make program changes. It’s that easy.

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