SkyDrop Makes it Easier

Sprinkler repair and service made easier with the SkyDrop app on your phone. You can use it as a sprinkler timer remote as you can walk around your yard enabling each individual zone two activate as needed. Inspect sprinkler system performance or flush out a dirty pipe while in the repair process. No more running back and forth to your control timer to turn it on and off.

You can have fun with your new SkyDrop also. Show it off to your friends and family turning the sprinklers on and off with your phone.

You can have fun with your children running around the yard chasing from the different sprinkler zones as the sprinkler heads pop up and down throughout your yard. A play toy it can be but a superior sprinkler controller that makes repairs easier, saves water and sprinkler irrigates your yard perfectly is of course the main benefit.

The sprinkler doctor offers complete sales service and installation for your new SkyDrop timer.

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