One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All!

In our last blog I talked some about the rotary stream nozzle. I would like to expand on that.

The original intent of the rotary stream nozzle (that retro-fit on the standard spray-head body) was meant to correct a spray head zone where the heads were spaced too far apart or the water pressure has dropped causing the zone to have poor coverage. The new rotating nozzles use less gallons per minute while at the same time can spray further. This will correct the problem. They do require on average 3 to 4 times longer run time minutes to equal the same amount of water out-put. The slower out-put is a advantage because the turf has time to better absorb the water that is being applied, rather than running off. also the DU (distribution uniformity) is superb, the coverage next to the head to the outer reach of the spray radius is extremely even.

More and more landscapers are designing systems with this new nozzle. They cover more ground per valve reducing the number of valves required.

Some things to be aware of. If you are on the virgin river secondary irrigation water avoid this nozzle. They have very small little water channel ports that may clog from the silt in the water. I’ve noticed some that are stuck possibly from the water mineral deposits over time. I have been on several properties performing service work in which many of the rotary nozzles that had been in-stalled for some three or more years were no longer rotating, clogged, or broken ! The manufactures are always improving on the design of there products and may have improved on or corrected these problems. I will continue doing my own R & D on the rotary nozzle.

If your standard spray nozzles just look to not be spraying right anymore consider replacing them with new (correct size) standard nozzles, and maybe the complete head itself if necessary. The standard nozzle is much less expensive than a rotary nozzle. Some have seen much improved DU in the last couple years. RainBird has a new VAN nozzle that I have so far been very impressed with. Remember to not mix and match rotary with standard nozzles because they each require different run time minutes.

New efficient correct size standard nozzles along with proper timer run minutes will enable you to save water, money and improve your coverage.

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