Don’t Be Misinformed!

I couldn’t believe it the other night I witnessed the weather man on the local news telling us when we can and can-not water!!! There is more and more miss information out there. Many of these so-called experts misinform much of the time.

Over the next two months we enjoy the longest daylight hours of the year, combined with the warmest temperatures. This means it is when landscapes will need the most frequent watering. Here in St George a rainstorm this time of the year feels good but rarely rains hard or long enough for you to turn your sprinkler timer off for a few days. We live in a very warm low altitude area, we must be careful this time of year not to water too infrequent. When turf-grass turns yellow this time of year its going into hibernation to protect itself. The only way to get it to green up is wait till fall or heavy water saturation for 10 to 14 days. There goes your water conservation.

The State of Utah has suggested to conserve water, to water only at night time. Okay, that is common sense. Remember to service & repair your sprinklers as needed. Refer to the monthly water schedule for more detailed information on when and how long to water.