In the heat wave panic, little adjustments go a long way.

These warm summertime temperatures always wake up the emotional need to repair your sprinkler irrigation system so you’re not worrying about plants trees or lawn dying off. It’s normal. I’ve noticed year after year when customers call wanting their entire sprinkler system remodeled or reinstalled now… in Saint George, Southern Utah heat… even though it’s 115° outside. I’ve stopped asking, “Why did you wait until it’s this hot?”

I realize it’s just emotional. I understand I’m here to help you. Now, may I suggest if you can wait till the fall to have me remodel your entire irrigation system when it cools off a little bit to save you money and me my health.

In the meantime a little adjustments can go a long way to making sure your sprinkler irrigation is performing at the best of its ability. Crooked, clogged low sprinkler head’s are one of the most common problems along with improper nozzling and incorrect control timer programming. With a basic simple sprinkler system tuneup it will go along way in saving you water and money and keeping your landscape green.

Get outside and feel good about your green grass this summer.