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Drip irrigation layout design

Drip irrigation is sometimes deceiving because unlike overhead turf grass spray drip irrigation is being applied subsurface at the root zone of the plant. Many times the only way to easily determine if it’s operating is when the zone first turns on you can hear the air being pushed out of all of the little […]

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Sprinkler System Design

Proper sprinkler irrigation design can save you water money unintended sprinkler repair & remodeling with more flexible water scheduling giving you a much more plush green and trouble-free landscape. First thing to do when considering your landscape layout design is get out your compass know exactly which direction is which around the yard. Next know […]

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One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All!

In our last blog I talked some about the rotary stream nozzle. I would like to expand on that. The original intent of the rotary stream nozzle (that retro-fit on the standard spray-head body) was meant to correct a spray head zone where the heads were spaced too far apart or the water pressure has […]

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