Author: docbrown

Sprinkler Repair Surprises

A few years back while doing a sprinkler irrigation service up in Roy Utah I came across a situation that was quite shocking. After ringing the doorbell the customer walked me around from the front of their house across their lawn down the side of their home to a lower level area in the backyard […]

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It’s a dirty job, someone’s got to do it!

Lawn irrigation maintenance service it’s not easy and most of the time quite a dirty muddy occupation. But someone’s got to do it right? The term having just enough knowledge to be dangerous! There are many online examples today giving us instruction on how to go about doing certain projects. There are trade courses for […]

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Trusted Customer support

Small-town Customer Service – The heartbeat of America.

In the early 90s, I was up in Idaho working as a motorcycle referee for the United States bicycling federation during a 14-day women’s stage race known as the Ore-Ida classic. At the finish of one of the stages in the small town of Grangeville, A young school teacher stood next to the day’s winners […]

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Smart control timers can make service and repair easier.

I was at a customers property last week repairing a broken PVC sprinkler lateral line. It was in the rear of their house about 100 feet at the bottom of a hillside. The customer had tried to dig it up before I got there and succeeded at filling the pipeline full of mud and debriss. […]

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Lawn sprinkler and drip irrigation service repair remodel and design.

Some customers when they call are frustrated with their sprinkler system. They may have trouble programming the control timer, tired and worn out from bailing water out of a water leaking control valve box, yellow or struggling turf grass lawn that the sprinkler irrigation is not covering properly. I can read this in their voice […]

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