Another Season Behind Us, A New One In Front Of Us.

So far the temperature this late Fall/early Winter have been quite warm. This is why we live in St. George.!!! Unlike last year at this time outside it was 20 degrees and 6″ of snow on the ground! With that said I remind you to make sure your valve-box lids are on secure, all garden hose’s are disconnected from the faucets, back-flow device covered up and control timer turned to the “off” position. Depending on the winter’s temperature and rain-fall we can re-start the sprinkler irrigation system around the middle of February on average. (refer to “water management” page for more detail).

Some new sprinkler systems are now being designed using the new rotating stream nozzles. There is a big push in the industry now toward watering smart, with a increasing amount of new water saving products coming out. You could invest a lot of money in this direction to save water but if you forget to turn your timer back or off in the cooler season or the hardware breaks, was the investment really worth it? I always suggest a basic system tune-up to start. Re-fresh your systems performance and save water with correct spray nozzle replacement as needed along with smart efficient seasonal control timer programing.

Why re-invent the wheel if a proper “tune-up” will do.

Refer to the “Water Management” page for your monthly water schedule.

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