Sprinkler Repair Surprises

A few years back while doing a sprinkler irrigation service up in Roy Utah I came across a situation that was quite shocking. After ringing the doorbell the customer walked me around from the front of their house across their lawn down the side of their home to a lower level area in the backyard where the underground water leak was occurring. She pointed me over closer to a low-level veranda that had about a three-foot gap between it and the dirt underneath where the water was flowing out at a high flow across the backyard grass. I crawled on my hands and knees through the swamp under the veranda looked down into a large dark blue hole where the water was flowing up through. I stuck my hand down into the cool water trying to feel where the water leak was coming from. Lower and deeper I kept reaching until my head and cheek was barely touching the water when all of a sudden I saw from the corner of my eye what looked like a big black shadow suddenly jump right towards me. Thankfully my reflexes were good and I dunked my head quickly underneath the water. As I lifted my head back up I looked but nothing was there! Then on the other side of the hole sitting on the bank in the green marshy grass sat a giant toad the size of a bowling ball starring directly at me.!! If the veranda wasn’t above me I’m sure I would have jumped 10 feet, but the veranda blocked me which I hit my head on quite a hard scrambling to the side I scurried out of there to my feet as fast as I could faint and breathless for a moment. If I hadn’t submerged my head quickly under the water that toad would have landed directly on my face. I could have drowned!!!

It took me a few minutes to brush off and gather myself as I tiptoed back down around there to carefully observe the situation. The toad? I couldn’t find him didn’t know where he went.

I went on that day carefully proceeded with the repair one eye on the situation my other eye on the lookout!!