Spring is on it’s way!!

The spring time watering season is just around the corner. Now is a great time to check and tune-up your sprinkler system. Make any repairs and adjustments as needed. You will feel good and be ahead of the curve once the main watering season begins.

As usual you may be getting bombarded with a lot of information by the experts on how much and when to water your lawn. As we know here in Washington County Southern Utah it gets extremely hot in the middle of the summer so let’s break this down into a few simple key points to keep in mind.

First with green turf grass beginning in the early spring gradually going forward start out by watering deep but very infrequently, running your system for a maximum amount of runtime minutes on a watering day.

Second once we get into the middle of May moving toward summer begin watering less frequently with less water runtime minutes.

Third once we are in the middle of summer depending on some of your lawns area of exposure to the sun you may need to water as frequently as every day in certain areas. You might experiment with watering every other day in these areas to see if it will maintain.

Fourth once we get into September start watering less and less frequently as we move further into the Fall.

For more detailed information on how much and frequent to water your turfgrass please look at the “water scheduling” page.

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