Smart control timers can make service and repair easier.

I was at a customers property last week repairing a broken PVC sprinkler lateral line. It was in the rear of their house about 100 feet at the bottom of a hillside. The customer had tried to dig it up before I got there and succeeded at filling the pipeline full of mud and debriss. Before I was able to make the repair the line needed to be flushed out. I called him on his phone asked him to turn the zone on briefly with his smartphone which was connected to his SkyDrop controller.

A quick flush of the pipe debris was gone I was able to continue the repair. It saved a lot of time not having to march back to the hill and physically turn the controller on and off.

The wireless remote control of the new smart timers is becoming more and more popular. During this fall with the temperatures cooling off, I’ve observed the timers automatically watering the landscapes less frequently with their connection to the local weather stations that input their timers program.

It’s nice and convenient to be able to turn your sprinklers on and off with your phone not ever having to go to the physical controller itself to do so. You can walk around the yard turning your zones on and off remotely with your phone to check your sprinkler irrigation performance. Once the timer is installed and it is dialed into each separate zone for its specific watering requirements the controller literally takes care of it from there throughout the different seasonal adjustments required of the weather changes.

The local water authority is offering $150 rebate credit on your water utility bill for having the smart timer because of the water saving capabilities.