Small-town Customer Service – The heartbeat of America.

In the early 90s, I was up in Idaho working as a motorcycle referee for the United States bicycling federation during a 14-day women’s stage race known as the Ore-Ida classic. At the finish of one of the stages in the small town of Grangeville, A young school teacher stood next to the day’s winners on the podium, Young women from around the world, Belgium, Germany and the United States. She said; Chevrolet recently claimed it’s the heartbeat of America !!  I disagree she said, the heartbeat of America is the small-town USA just like right here in Grangeville Idaho.
I remember I felt very moved by her words. That inspiring feeling of American exceptionalism ran all the way through me to the point I was almost tearing up.

Unfortunately, our political makeup in the United States has become increasingly toxic recently. All the fighting between the left and the right. The liberals versus the conservatives. Black versus white. So many pointing fingers and blaming someone else has become very discouraging. Since the 2016 election, the stock market has been going straight up through the roof. That is good. I’ve heard our millennials have been being taught for the last number of years that the free market enterprise system is not fair and that socialism/communism is better!!! I am sorry to say our young generation has been negatively brainwashed believing in this. A heavy-handed government will eventually offer less choice and freedom. As the declaration of independence points out:  All men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
One of the things that means to me is first it’s not skin color, next is the freedom to pursue whatever kind of work I may choose for myself to create wealth thus possibly more happiness. I am a sprinkler repair person. I crawl around on my hands and knees in the dirt performing a service for my customers for a small profit. I choose to not blame anyone else for my lack of a more elegant job career title. I take full responsibility for all of my choices resulting in right where I’m at today. I am very grateful to live in America with the freedom of choice to be doing what I’m doing.

A few years back I was waiting for an airport shuttle to the airport. The driver pulled up I was the only one there, as we drove on after a mile or so I asked are we picking anyone else up? The driver said no you’re the only one, we are going straight to the airport. I asked how can this be worth it for you me being the only one person and the amount I paid for this ride you’ve got to be losing money? He responded that’s OK it’s just customer service you know! He went on to say sometimes on a pick up he will lose money but other times when the van is full he makes money, then again said that’s the “Customer Service Business” it’s all about serving the customer!
I never forgot that.

The other week a customer called me said he had a leak on the fitting going into his back-flow preventer in which I replaced two years ago. He then asked shouldn’t that still be under warranty? I said I’ll come up and take care of it for you. I could have said due to the outside weather conditions and freezing etc. I can’t warranty that and justify charging him, but I didn’t I went ahead and fixed it for him no charge, then reminded him of the importance to winterize and insulate the back-flow preventer efficiently and correctly to prevent problems in the future. The first priority in The Sprinkler Doctor is quality customer service. Next is the sprinkler service business.

I feel the very heartbeat of America living here in small-town Saint George Utah offering expert professional sprinkler irrigation service and repair, remodeling, design/Build, seasonal maintenance adjustments, wireless Wi-Fi smart controllers. All things with underground leaky water pipes valves and electrical troubleshooting.