It’s a dirty job, someone’s got to do it!

Lawn irrigation maintenance service it’s not easy and most of the time quite a dirty muddy occupation. But someone’s got to do it right? The term having just enough knowledge to be dangerous! There are many online examples today giving us instruction on how to go about doing certain projects. There are trade courses for certification upgrades that expand on that same aspect. Then there’s the good old knowledge of learning from our mistakes method. The last one here is the one I want you to avoid having to experience.

Lawn sprinkler irrigation repair can be tricky because it’s all underground you can’t see where the pipes are going or where a water leak may be coming from a pipe. Remote control sprinkler valve zone not turning on! Why? You open up the valve box lid to find the inside is full of water. Sprinkler line is not turning off, Is it coming from the manifold tee or from the control valve itself? Or you walk up near the valve box and you sink in squishy mud up to your ankles all around it! Have you glued a broken PVC pipe to discover you have blue glue all over your hands or pulled a broken sprinkler head out only to have dirt rocks and debris fall back down inside of the pipe? Then turn your sprinkler zone on after you’ve made the repair only to have debris clog your pipes somewhere else downstream? Your control timer seems not to be turning the system on! Why? Is it the control timer or a problem with the wiring? Through the years I’ve had numerous customers call tell me saying they replaced their automatic controller with a brand new one from Home Depot but a certain station or whatever is still not working!

Unfortunately they are learning from their mistakes. Sometimes the biggest mistake is to try and go about something yourself only to make it worse. It frequently can takes me longer to figure out what the original cause for the problem is after the homeowner has tried to fix it them self and simply camouflaged the original problem and sometimes creating additional problems. The more simple you think a repair like replacing a sprinkler head I sometimes find is a major error when I later come and see that the head or nozzle choice the homeowner used was way out of balance with the size of other nozzles throughout a particular sprinkler zone.

With all the visual and classroom education courses we have which are all good, there still isn’t anything that stands up better to years of hands on field experience combined with classroom education. Walking onto a property knowing all the sprinkler irrigation piping is underground underneath the landscaping and lawn I like to feel from my years of field experience with all types of sprinkler irrigation I can visualize your sprinkler systems pipes and lines and where are they are running through your property. It can be very abstract, sometimes takes a little longer to figure certain things out but that’s why I am there to avoid you from digging holes all around your yard looking for were certain problems may located.

Seasonal property management sprinkler adjustment checkup-tuneup is valuable for many customers. Monthly, quarterly, or spring and fall turn on and turn off’s.

With all the concern for water conservation it is most beneficial to re-adjust your controller monthly for the different seasonal changes. We provide and install the new wireless Wi-Fi smart control timers that automatically adjust themselves to seasonal weather changes on a daily basis by Information from the local the weather stations.

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