SkyDrop is Here

I installed the new Skydrop smart water timer on my home two months ago. I was very skeptical at first like I am with any new gadgets. To my surprise I have been supremely impressed with this new smart timer. To begin with each station being individually influenced by the local weather station gives the yard total flexibility on how each station waters the yard. Second I’ve seen it with my own eyes it really does adjust itself to the weather changes not just once every 24 hours but in real time by each minute with the dynamic minutes switch being activated on the timer.

This timer will free up users to not have to hassle with the challenges of programming each individual station on their old timer along with no more seasonal timer adjustments.

You simply sit back and observe as this timer waters your yard perfectly.

The low cost of this control timer is simply astonishing considering the quality of the hardware and the technical know-how that it seamlessly accomplishes.

Your sprinkler system now will efficiently water your landscape making it more green and beautiful while all at the same time saving water.

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