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Don’t Be Misinformed!

I couldn’t believe it the other night I witnessed the weather man on the local news telling us when we can and can-not water!!! There is more and more miss information out there. Many of these so-called experts misinform much of the time. Over the next two months we enjoy the longest daylight hours of […]

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One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All!

In our last blog I talked some about the rotary stream nozzle. I would like to expand on that. The original intent of the rotary stream nozzle (that retro-fit on the standard spray-head body) was meant to correct a spray head zone where the heads were spaced too far apart or the water pressure has […]

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Another Season Behind Us, A New One In Front Of Us.

So far the temperature this late Fall/early Winter have been quite warm. This is why we live in St. George.!!! Unlike last year at this time outside it was 20 degrees and 6″ of snow on the ground! With that said I remind you to make sure your valve-box lids are on secure, all garden […]

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